Scheduling & Marketing

Scheduling and booking appointments is a central challenge for dental practitioners and patients alike. For instance, semi-annual cleaning are encouraged for practically all patients. This presents a prime opportunity for dentists to promote clinically appropriate services to patients. While this strategy is effective, it often leads to disruptions in scheduling systems, as dentists often over book time slots by setting appointments for multiple patients simultaneously (i.e. overbooking).

Genesis Health eliminates overbooking challenges by integrating the customer database with the dental practice’s real-time Outlook or Google calendar, while proactively communicating to patients regarding their appointments by text or call. Any re-scheduling or canceling of an appointment is communicated in the same manner.

Data Management

To supplement marketing and communication service offerings, Genesis Health also includes management and storage of POS data, patient profiles, inventory, and other relevant parameters. The data are analyzed in-house and are leveraged to optimize operational efficiencies and service levels.

The system also houses a VR program through which practitioners can demonstrate treatments and procedures to trainees or patients for training and education purposes. Through this program, teeth are reconstructed virtually and various treatments are showcased with the help of embedded programs in an exceptionally user friendly interface.

AI and machine learning

Genesis Health takes on the digitization of dental healthcare to a new level with AI integration. The AI capabilities enhance disease detection by automatically diagnosing the maladies, suggesting appropriate treatments, and cataloging the information in a patient’s database.

Additionally, the AI generates a disease plan with estimated costs and automatically creates claims that could be billed to a patient’s insurance plan. This removes several bottlenecks in dental healthcare operations.


Genesis Health incorporates a robust dental supply marketplace that interfaces with the other solutions. It will serve as a one stop solution for buying dental supplies from dental scalers to dental drills.

Digital Dental Impression

Creating dental impressions through traditional methods is not just a bottleneck for dental practices, it is also an undesirable experience for patients too. Genesis Health,can accomplish this through state-of-the-art dental scanners.

The results are highly accurate, and the process is short and pleasant. Additionally, scans obtained through this process can be stored in-house and can be re-used later instead of performing another procedure.