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While digitization accelerates the world into an efficient future, healthcare services remain outdated.


Data Management


Digital Dental Impressions

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

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Scheduling & Marketing

Scheduling and booking appointments is a central challenge for dental practitioners and patients alike. Genesis Health eliminates overbooking challenges by integrating the customer database with the dental practice’s real-time Outlook or Google calendar.

Data Management

To supplement marketing and communication service offerings, Genesis Health also includes management and storage of POS data, patient profiles, inventory, and other relevant parameters. The data are analyzed in- house and are leveraged to optimize operational efficiencies and service levels.

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

Genesis Health’s AI capabilities enhance disease detection by automatically diagnosing the maladies, suggesting appropriate treatments, and cataloging the information in a patient’s database. Additionally, the AI generates a disease plan with estimated costs and automatically process further steps.

Digital Dental Impressions

Creating dental impressions through traditional methods is not just a bottleneck for dental practices, it is also an undesirable experience for patients too. Genesis Health, can accomplish this through state-of-the-art dental scanners resulting in high accuracy and quick process.


Genesis Health incorporates a robust dental supply marketplace that interfaces with the other solutions. It will serve as a one stop solution for buying dental supplies from dental scalers to dental drills.

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The fragmented nature of healthcare demands improved workflows, advanced interfaces, and better methods to recognize and correct inefficiencies, especially in the dental healthcare landscape.

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